550 million shampoo bottles end up in landfill each year in the US alone!

But it isn’t just the plastic bottles that’s the problem…

Our ‘Pomegranate & Elderflower, for fuller, stronger hair’ may leave our lives as it circles the drain by our feet – but it’s journey doesn’t stop there. Once in our waterways, these products have access to everywhere!

Your shampoo bottle may have a tropical island on it, but there’s almost never anything natural about it!

Let’s take a look at just how ‘natural’ our shampoos are…

Most brand shampoos contain masses of chemicals. And most of these can be toxic to both animals and plants, sometimes resulting in death, illness or genetic mutations.

For instance, ‘phthalates’ are commonly used in shampoos for gel structure, but they have been proven to interfere with hormones and can lead to metabolic syndrome and even male genitalia defects.

Animal testing is shockingly still a current practice.

Harsh chemicals are not necessary to effectively clean our hair, and yet some brands continue to torture these poor animals so they can have a silky smooth product that they can sell.

The environmental impact of shampoo and conditioners is worse than most people realize! And do you know where all those bottles go? Landfill.

Much like plastic water bottles, shampoo bottles are plastic and end up in landfill.

Plastic can take up to 1000 years to break down… During this time, it will break down into smaller microplastics, which can then end up in our ocean and killing marine life.

To make matters worse- plastic absorbs toxins from its environment, making it even more lethal to any wildlife consuming it!

So how do you keep your hair clean & healthy despite all this sad news? It’s actually easier than you think…

Don’t worry, the answer isn’t to stop washing!

There is a small simple switch you can make to your hair care routine that can help lessen your impact on the environment…

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