Explore popular eco-friendly packaging

Answer Mother Nature’s call and shift your product packaging to boxes that are not harmful for the environment. Not only will your packaging minimize waste, but it will also showcase your product’s natural beauty. NatureBio offers a variety of durable and highly structural sustainable packaging solutions for your products. From custom kraft boxes to recyclable materials, we have you covered. Browse our collection of green sustainable packaging and create your own custom design!

Packaging is more than just how it looks

Getting functional and impactful packaging is essential in building your brand. Our team of professional structural engineers will provide you expert advice on how to save costs by reducing your material costs, prevent product damages while improving your freight utilization and overall packaging aesthetics.

Business Success

High-impact retail results to achieve desired business success.

Cost Reduction

Save on material and freight costs by reducing material and space.

Product Protection

Keep your products well protected and lower damage costs.

Sustainable Practices

Solutions that help to minimize waste to support a healthier environment.

Unboxing Experience

Exceed your customer’s expectations with great unboxing experiences.

Storage & Transportation

Solutions that can ship flat for easy storage and transportation.

Discover more product opportunities for your sustainable packaging

Need additional packaging components for your design? We have many different product lines available for your sustainable packaging.

We provide all the materials you need for your custom printed sustainable packaging

Our curated list of materials and finishes available to everyone

Reduce waste with eco-friendly product packaging.

Customers are now aware of how they are affecting the environment, so they convert to sustainable lifestyles.

With plenty of non-recyclable products and waste, landfills continue to grow, oceans are polluted, and wildlife continues to be at risk. As a brand, it’s important to adapt to eco-friendly box packaging to show your support for a healthier future. Through our sustainable efforts, NatureBio has gathered a vast resource of recyclable packaging solutions to allow your brand to support the cause.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We provide a wide array of sustainable packaging options for any product. Whether it’s eco-friendly cosmetic packaging or sustainable food packaging, we can design it for you.

Recyclable Packaging Materials

We ensure that our packaging boxes are made with recyclable materials to minimize waste while maintaining a classic and presentable look. Some of these materials include kraft paper boxes and inserts as well as molded pulp inserts.

Custom Kraft Boxes Just For You

Our custom printed kraft boxes are a sure way to package your products with minimal waste and helpful to the environment. We have plenty of kraft boxes fit for jewelry, tea, and any other product you can think of. See what you can come up with!

Custom Kraft Bags

If you’re not looking for boxes, we also have kraft paper bags that are good cost-effective options that are perfect for small to medium items.

Eco-Friendly Box Coating

Worried about coatings and box finishes that aren’t good for the environment? Don’t fret, we have aqueous coating, a water-based coating that will limit the e ffect that regular gloss coatings have on the environment.

One Order, One Tree

We care about eco-friendly packaging as much as you do. With every order that you make with us, one tree will be planted to help our environment grow healthier, one step at a time.


Powering businesses with stunning structures

Our team of professionals have worked with thousands of business in achieving their desired results with each their own special details and finishes to help their brand stand out from their competitors. NatureBio lets your packaging idea become reality with our team of expert structural engineers.