Putting a stop to greenhouse gases

We must all try to halt and reverse the damage caused by greenhouse gases and the accelerating climate change. But did you know that “climate action failure” has been rated as the most likely and far-reaching global risk by the World Economic Forum?

Subsequently, at Nature Bio, we must keep improving our products and operations. By 2025, we aim to phase out single-use virgin fossil plastics and ensure fossil-free manufacturing and supply chains. We will rely on accredited carbon offsetting projects for residual climate impact that we can’t address.

SDG connected to the initiative

Climate change is a huge challenge, and it is a scientific fact that human activities are the root cause.
SDG 13: Climate Action

Nature Bio aims to change the way we work, the type of energy we use, how we transport and store products and what raw materials we use in our products.

Initiatives that reduce our climate impact

Most of Nature Bio’s internal greenhouse gas emissions come from our production and we have already come a long way.