Samples and prototypes crafted for everyone

Packaging can be obscure without knowing what your box will look like and can ultimately affect the effectiveness of your packaging. That is why we have crafted solutions to help you make informed decisions no matter what stage you are at in the packaging process to guarantee results.


3D render sample commonly used for marketing, simulations and artwork/layout testing. Ideal for small run projects.


No print sample commonly used for testing box structures, sizing and material evaluation. Ideal for small run projects.

Individual Packaging

Digtally printed and cut sample commonly used for testing printed artwork and layout. Great for small to medium run projects.

Packing Box

Production quality printed sample commonly used for final evaluation before mass production. Great for medium to large run projects.

Perfect packaging every time

Physical samples and prototyping isn’t where we stop. We believe that getting that perfect packaging you’ve always wanted involves a lot of attention and care which is why we provide services to ensure your mass production orders are not affected by mistakes or delays.

Full Sample & Prototype Package

Order a full production with us and we will waive your sample & prototyping costs as well as receive our dedicated 360° packaging service which removes any packaging difficulties you may have so you can focus on what really matters.

*Certain conditions apply depending on your order size. Speak with our specialist for more details.

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