When “ECO” makes so much sense

Bamboo  Straw

100% made from wild growing bamboo. The product is peeled in a special process, which prevents splintering. The bamboo is also thinner and lighter than other straws.



Premium bamboo straws are the result of design and sustainability coming together. The strategy was to offer a very appealing eco product that would be liked and adopted.
Therefore, the straws had to do better than the plastic straw on every level. They would have to be natural and sustainable, of course.
But they would also be beautiful! The concept of premium bamboo straws was born.

Behind the Design: Safety, Testing & Materials

The safety of our products is important for you, for your family and all of us. We put an extra level of care into the safety of our products. We are happy to share with you our product information so you can make informed decisions about the products you use, and the type of business you wish to support.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our products and processes. Nature Bio offers safe, well-designed, high-quality products.

Nothing but nature

What is not on or in our products

Heavy Metals
BPA & Phthalates
PFAS and Fluorinated

Renewable Ideas

Natural Renewables.

Nature Bio uses only natural, renewable materials because we know you don’t want toxic chemicals in or around your food, or home.


We use food safe oils, water-based adhesives, natural finishes and wastewater management practices in our production.

Sustainably Sourced.

Our certified organic products are made from sustainably sourced bamboo. The source is certified to be free of pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals.


Make a big difference with a small step

Customized Nature Pack bamboo straws can be tailored to fit your needs and are a great addition to any event. You can choose to engrave your personalized name, message or business logo. We can also help you to create a specialized design just for your event.


We consider several aspects when thinking about packaging; what is it made from, where does it come from, how is it processed, its durability and end of life disposal.

Plastic Free Initiative

We strive to minimize the amount of packaging we use but also the type of material used. We look for ways to reduce waste at every opportunity. We are committed to finding solutions to minimize packaging and use paper from managed sources, and printed using low impact inks.

Affiliate Program

We’re an original. We craft beautiful, daily use products – entirely plant-based and fully certified. We are committed to creating zero-waste solutions that make everyday sustainable living possible. If you too, are an original and a sustainable lifestyle excites you, we want to work with you!