We believe our company has a responsibility to embrace the work to build a more resilient, sustainable and equitable world and we will do our part to contribute to the quality of life for those directly or indirectly impacted by our global value chain.

Our holistic approach

As stated above, we are taking a holistic approach to address climate change and it begins with the SDGs. Accordingly, in compliance with Point 1 of the Climate Action Plan, in FY21, we assessed the materiality of the SDGs to our business and have committed to high-priority, specific, actionable SDGs and metrics that serve as our guide as we develop and implement a series of standards, metrics, and goals to build a holistic Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

While we are committed to urgent actions to reduce carbon emissions, we also understand the importance of addressing other systems change issues that impact our business such as human rights, life above land and below water, water conservation, diversity and inclusion and reduction of waste. Meaningful climate action takes into account all of these issues because all of these issues are interconnected.

We respect the Science Based Target (SBT) Initiative’s framework and will continue to consider the business implications to setting SBTs in alignment with the new Corporate Net Zero Standard and other sector-based guidance. Because of our obligations to our shareholders, employees, members and the communities we serve, our goals and strategies must be operationally viable. We are seeking to build capacity, change and broaden mindsets, and learn what solutions are most cost-effective through an agile program development approach.

Determining NatureBio’s proportional contribution to emissions reduction requires deep analysis, experimentation, capability building, financial investment, employee education, change management and continuous learning over the coming decades.