Creating a Natural Approach to Straw through Innovation

At Nature Bio, all of our products are biodegradable and water-soluble (containing no plastic) and we strive to continue finding the best eco solutions available..

This is US

Nature Bio is one of the leading creators of ustainable and innovative disposable tableware. We offer high-quality and environmentally-sound products, such as straws, cutlery, and tableware, along with packaging and packaging systems for take-away.

With a purpose driven organization and passionate colleagues, we strive to lead our industry towards a world where we give more than we take to enable all people to enjoy good food, well-being and togetherness - today and for generations to come.

Leads the Way in Creating a More Sustainable Future

Nature Bio is a pioneer in creating more sustainable, more natural ways to make plastic products. For more than a decade, our renewable and sustainable biopolymers have helped create plastic products that are biodegradable and compostable. They return to nature instead of polluting our lands and waters.

We bring value to converters and brand owners by working closely with them to meet their sustainability goals. Our value comes naturally!

Partners in Research and Manufacturing

We also offer our partners research-and-development services, toll manufacturing and custom formulations, all backed by a world-class group of scientists and business leaders.

Great Value Comes Naturally

Thanks to Nature Bio’s innovations, going green is easier than ever. We bring value to converters and brand owners by working closely with them to meet their sustainability goals. Our value comes naturally!

Our Values

We set out to create a business that reflected our personal values.
• Turn people onto renewable materials and discourage the use of plastic and other harmful materials.
• Treat people fairly and provide opportunities to others.
• Support organizations doing good work and give back to the causes that matter.
• Create products that are affordable and accessible.
On our journey, we stay true to our values: professional, and simple, while keeping people and environment in mind.

Our Promise

For nearly 20 years, our goal has remained unchanged. To reduce our use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic product made from nature.

Back to Nature

We have a strong connection to and respect for the natural environment. Our appreciation for the natural world inspired us to leave our careers and focus on creating thoughtful products made from renewable resources.

Renewable Ideas

Central to our core purpose, is creating product solutions that rely less on resource-intensive, petroleum-based resources and more on plentiful plant-based materials.

Charities we’ve donated to

As a business, we believe that we have a social responsibility to ensure that we operate as eco-friendly as possible – as our business grows, our philanthropic impact grows.

Since 2017, we’ve been donating 1% of our revenue to 1% for the planet verified environmental initiatives and charities.


Grow with Nature Bio!

Does your company manufacture products or packaging? Please contact Nature Bio today to find out more about how our biopolymer resins, R&D services, and toll-manufacturing facilities can fulfill your requirements.